Getting back to Random Reverie

Jul 31, 2017 |

I was going through series of blogs that I have written in the recent past. I realized that several of my past articles have been on the topic of investing and finance. Furthermore, I am also spending more and more time delving into the topic of Finance in general and value investing in particular. I therefore decided to migrate to a dedicated blog on the topic:

The new blog is going to be exclusively focused on finance and investing, specifically focusing on the following 3 themes:

  1. Collate and disseminate information that I find interesting on the topic of value investing
  2. Disseminate practical tools and methods for individual investors like myself to help practice the art of value investing and more importantly
  3. Track my investing portfolio online (including retirement)

Now that I have a dedicated blog for finance and investing, I can get back to ruminating on random thoughts and topics on this blog page…


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